Here’s a little bit on the history of Ella and TTFElla.

Today Tomorrow Forever Ella began in 2017 when I was looking to hold onto anything that reminded me tomorrow will be okay and that a future filled with happiness could exist. Since then it has come and gone, always in the background to remind me how far I have come on my darkest days. And to remind me that no matter what there is always somewhere that Ella is good enough… 

This blog is my home, it brings me the same comfort that the four walls of my bedroom and bunny rabbits bring me.

The archive of blog posts includes poorly written thoughts when I had only just began, to posts that have been perfectly constructed to share what my empty really feels like.

Everything is included from fashion posts to mental health tips and journal posts straight from my heart to your smartphone, because the truth is, Today Tomorrow Forever Ella, is just Ella.

This blog may be a mess just like my life, with a lot of tabs, some hidden gems and some downright failed attempts at success, but the world seems to lack authenticity though so everything you see here is real. Bad days very much included – In fact the good days often don’t make it to the blog, I will never waste a good day trying to document happiness instead of living it.

Ella - Squatting Picture in Grey Dress
For those of you interested in my ‘diagnosis’, I suffer from emetophobia, agoraphobia and anxiety. I have also previously suffered with depression, although in a bid to keep it real… I am just a human being who is responding to trauma and scared to leave the house because my past has taught me that people aren’t very nice yano?

Pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about me is within the posts on my blog, hell I think I even talk about my religious beliefs somewhere in there? 

BUT… If there is something you want to know about me that I haven’t mentioned or you simply want to know more than I have said then simply message me and we can have a chat. I promise I am an open book.

Oh, and before you go, please never forget that you’re good enough and that tomorrow will be better. I have faith in you.