A Reminder.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] have a lot of friends who similarly suffer as I do with mental illness, and over the past two weeks, I think a lot of us have found ourselves losing sight and forgetting invaluable messages that make each day pass by a little easier.

So I am writing this post for all my friends and all my readers that may be feeling a little lost. There is no shame in needing – A Reminder.

Recovery. ‘A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.’

We all go through stages of recovery in our life, from recovering from the first heartbreak, or a broken leg, or even from disappointment. We all know the feeling, and the slump when it takes what feels like forever longer than it should. But the thing with recovery from a mental illness is that it is a recovery of your life. A heartbreak hurts, a lot but nothing else changes, a broken leg hurts, a lot but the painkillers stop that disappointment hurts, a lot but then the next happy moment comes along. Mental health issues hurt, a lot, and nothing postpones there pain, nothing mutes there buzz and nothing stops them from being around. So that slump, it feels like the end sometimes. To overcome mental illness you are one strong, fierce and tenacious individual.

This post is a reminder of all the things that we let slip away on bad days, during slumps and when the suffering feels like a shadow that is a part of us, not a fog that lifts.

We are all born, with infinite amounts of hope, naivety and no self-doubt of all we are. Then life happens, we begin to grow and we collect bruises, scars and wounds, our naivety dwindles, our self-doubt grows stronger and our hope begins to slip away. But we are no less than the person we were the moment we entered this world, in fact, we are so much more than we have ever been. So it just doesn’t add up that the infinite amounts and proportions of things that provoke our happiness, would have shrunk instead of growing. It does add up when we begin to take away all the hits, nudges, pushes, pokes and punches. But the scars have faded, the wounds have healed and the bruises are visions of the past. The pain is your history. Your body has forgotten, yet all your mind has been subject to is the loss. we must allow the memories to fade, the mind to heal and the pain to become a vision of the past. Our minds deserve the time and effort to leave our entire self as one who has suffered. not one who is still suffering.

All of this is hard, all of this is a battle, but all of this is recovery. And like wounds, we may find them reopened a few times before they heal. but they will heal. Recovery isn’t a linear process, the journey of our lives is never straight so why would the process of healing be so simple? Our minds can heal, our minds will heal, however, our minds will as our bodies do, take time. Our minds must be nurtured, cared for and delicately looked after and the repercussions of this will be happiness and peace.

But in the meantime, you may need to walk with a mental walking stick or take pills to kill the pain that your being inflicted with or cry. And all of that is human and okay. As time shall pass, you shall heal, we shall heal, and the sun of tomorrow will rise.

Your past is not erased but contained. Your past is a part of you, but not consuming you. Your past is a lesson, not a bolted chain.

Pride yourself on your strength, your power, your existence. Though it is easy to look at all that you have still to face, when you remember all you have faced, what you have to face is merely another day in the battle, which you’re awaiting the day you beat. You have all the strength and bravery within you to overcome all you will ever face.

You are Whole. You are Enough. You are Beautiful. You are Strong. You are Powerful. You are Brave. You are Worth it. You have Purpose.

[pullquote]You are OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY![/pullquote]

You are going to wake up one day and the sun shall be shining, the birds will be singing, and you will open your eyes and your mind shall follow and all the tears, all the battles, this fight. It will all be worth it.

You are going to wake up one day and this will be a part of your past that you are at peace with. And maybe even thankful for.

Remember that. Not for me. For you- because you are worth every ounce of fight and every tomorrow filled with happiness and joy.

All my love, all my strength, I hope you never forget any of this, but if you do, it will be here, waiting for you. A Reminder.

For all of the people losing faith that tomorrow exists.

For all of the people losing faith that tomorrow is worthwhile hanging around for.

For all of the people that exist.

Love isn’t a gift, it is a right, love yourself and you shall never be without.

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‘Recovery is worth it.’

Today Tomorrow Forever




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  1. Michelle Smith
    18/04/2018 / 20:06

    Love you ♡

    • 05/05/2018 / 12:47

      Thank you for reading my post, exploring my blog and for your kindness! I hope someone one needs it reads it too! 💜

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