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[dropcap]Celebrity[/dropcap] Big Brother drew to a close last week as Courtney act also known as Shane Jenek took the crown. Big Brother 2018 unravelled slightly differently to past series’ as the initial cast was only women in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote.

The series was filled with many discussions that tackled societies deeper issues of gender discrimination, racism and general equality.

I personally cannot express how much I feel the show encompassed the change over the past 100 years. It not only highlighted the increased equality between genders it also outlined how gender has been redefined.

Gender in the past being a binary perception of men and women largely defined by biological features. However, Big Brother demonstrated the transition to non-binary and gender fluid identities that exist today as well as many discussions educating viewers and contestants of the difference between a drag act and a transgender individual. As many of the changes have occurred recently society is still learning what the various new labels mean. Despite the complexity, all of the contestants reinforced the liberal views of today as almost all openly discussed the change without the negativity that in the past would have been the only response.

Alongside the show’s celebration of increased gender equality, it also displayed the acceptance of the variety of sexual orientations that similarly run parallel to the gender shift. As contestants of varying sexual preferences existed within the house and furthered the discussions of their own personal treatment regarding such subject matters.

The broad cast of not just varying ages but also genders, sexual orientations, races and ultimately perspectives shaped up to be in my opinion a celebration of how far society has come.

Though ultimate equality and understanding may not have been reached there is no doubt that the movements within society have been towards a more liberal and accepting existence for everyone.

As Shane Jenek, known as Courtney when dressing in drag took the title for 2018 it symbolised more than the conclusion of another series but instead a historical landmark. Shane’s reaction similarly suggested he also had a broader feeling of success than his own. As he announced,’It’s validation that it’s okay to be different!’

Daily Mail Article coverage of Courtney Acts response. (click here)

I believe that the winner of the year of the woman rightfully was a man, but not simply a man, as Shane is more than that. As he proudly labels himself as a genderqueer, pansexual, polyamorous, vegan, atheist, blonde, Australian.

Ultimately this passing season of CBB made me extremely proud to be British and to be living in a world where differences are celebrated and not belittled.

As a country, we have a long way to go. But we should undoubtedly celebrate the progress made so far.

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