1 Bag, 6 Summer Styles…

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1 Bag, 6 Summer Styles…

Here comes my first fashion post… To check out my first beauty post, click here

Summer has come around, and it is now mid-July, if you are like me you have already worn your favourite pieces, and are running out of ideas, and getting ready to run to the shop.

Here is how I styled 1 bag, 6 ways, for a day on the beach, walk in the park to a night on the town (or a few cocktails?).

The Bag…

The beautiful bag of choice here is multifunctional, as any good summer staple is. With a collection of three colours, two of a neutral tone to compliment most colours, and with red, as who doesn’t love a pop of colour.

This particular bag comes with a metal strap that you can attach as you wish, and of a length that in my case I can have on my shoulder, or over my shoulder, depending on what the occasion requires.


Available to buy from Boutique of Molly for just £15.00 and use the code TTFELLA20* for 20% off your order too. 


£2.99 saver delivery, click here to browse the boutique. 

Or simply click the image to go directly to buy the bag shown.

One Bag, Six Summer Styles

[easy-image-collage id=735]

Note: My general preference tends to be for a bigger bag, I am not a clutch kind of girl. However in the case of this bag, it can also be used as a purse, this makes it super convenient as I do not have to transfer all my money and cards etc… 


The first outfit is a day outfit, a skirt and Bardot top combination, a relaxed and practical outfit for a walk, picnic, or a day shopping. The bag could have also been over my shoulder to provide greater security if shopping was the case for example.


Appropriate for similar occasions, but also for an afternoon and/or early evening event with a more formal shoe. A striped midi dress, matching the navy stripe on the bag, paired with simple flat sandals, again for practicality and comfort.


My next outfit was paired with heels, for a less practical and more seated occasion such as a meal. With a shirt dress, the just above the knee-length keeping it classy and appropriate, and the colours and cut out shoulders leaving the summery feel. Any loose shirt dress would do the same, even with a white shirt dress, to compliment and match the stripe in the bag.


The final 3 outfits are for less frequent occasions but show the sheer versatility of one bag, with the right staple items in your wardrobe you can look different every day on a budget. As I said at the start, this bag was just £15.


The outfit below demonstrates how one bag can be worn to a picnic and to an evening drinking cocktails. A mesh black dress with a pair of simple barely their black heels, simple with a clear evening tone, with the darker colours. The charcoal, gun-metal coloured strap complimenting the mesh dress perfectly also.


Another evening outfit now, designed with a club or party in mind, with a mix of red and black to make the bag pop, and set the sassy and classy tone. The red bodysuit and faux leather skirt both fitted, apt for a club. Finally using the bag as a clutch/ purse, keeping the outfit dressed up.


Lastly, I paired the bag with a white bikini, the bag being the pop of colour, and practical addition to a beach party, as bikini’s, don’t tend to have pockets? Again using the bag as a clutch, but could be used with the strap also for convenience.


I bought this beautiful bag apprehensive of how much it would go with that exists within my wardrobe, however, I surprised myself, and it only seemed fair to share how truly surprised I was with all of you too. Thank You to Boutique of Molly also for the bag, check out more of the products by clicking here.

One bag, Six summer styles… let me know if you would be interested in seeing the same bag with 3 makeup looks too!

And… Comment if you want to see more fashion posts on my blog, and or beauty? and what specifically if you have any ideas!


Today Tomorrow Forever, 

Ella. X

* This is an affiliate code and means I am rewarded each time my code is used to purchase via Boutique of Molly. This in no way alters the price you pay, or yourself, it simply provides you with 20% off and me for providing B.O.M with said custom. If you do not wish to use the code, and/ or do not agree with affiliate marketing, do not feel obliged to use.




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