309 days of Recovery.

Bed-bound, crippled, tears rolling down my face my journey to recovery began. I was at rock bottom, I couldn’t fight any longer, I couldn’t tread water any longer, I couldn’t do it alone. Wednesday the 19th of December, 1400 hours, I met my therapist. I sat in my bed, under my covers, delicate. My therapist […]

Poem 1.

I am from Mars. Everyone else is from Venus. They say think outside the box and that no idea is a bad idea. You share your wandering thoughts and lingering contemplations, thinking that maybe somewhere amongst it all lies a diamond in the rough. Then they chuckle and laugh off your ridiculous ponderings. Suddenly your, ‘out of the box’ and scrambled […]

Back… Again…

Hello Lovelies, Ella here back again from another hiatus it seems. Unplanned I shall add and one I wanted to bring to an end a while ago, however, it appears my writing shoes were nowhere to be seen. Now, I will be explicit here as to why this hiatus seemed to arise and why it has […]